Assalamualaikum wr.wb

With due all the respect to the honorable audience attending,
As we all know that this world has been getting hotter over time. Do you feel that the sun light’s heat is getting intense and night is getting colder? Now, those things happen due to the humans’ greed. As the result, the world has become to suffer in pain.
We all must have witnessed in almost every mass-media, either printed-media or electronic-media, the illegal logging has raised a row, the damages and devastations of forests occur anywhere. Even so, the government appears to keep silent. They seem to be unable to deal with a great crime that obviously is executed on the front of their eyes.
We must open our eyes to how great the danger this world has been dealing with. The world is getting extreme in heat, fire disasters occur anywhere, and thick smoke is covering many residences and making everyone have trouble to breath and a great constraint to run the activities.
By the increase of Earth’s heat, the snows and icebergs in South and North Poles have started melting down. Thus, then the end of the world is said near already. We all would be drowned by the deluge and flood of water that comes from the melted-down great icebergs in Pole areas.
Indonesia is said to be the emerald of equator due to its greenness and prosperity. However, now Indonesia has started to lose the emerald and all the images. All behind this is none other than the greedy people who plunder our trees as they wish. They really are irresponsible and don’t have any idea of what misfortune they are creating.
Do we have to stay closing our eyes or pretending that we are blind after all? Do we still have a heart to care for the nature? For those reasons, started from our own selves, we need to fully realize and begin to encourage our families and friends to plant the trees, at least by planting them on our closest surroundings, namely our home.
So does every government’s chief, company’s chief, or other instances, to appeal all of their people to plant the trees. Government needs to compulsorily make the laws that every corporation is obligated to perform the program of tree-planting. This thing is more effective since they would worry their sanctions they would get if they don’t perform the program.
I hope we all realize on how important this tree-planting program, for our own selves, for our children and grandchildren, for our nation and for the sake of world. One tree planted by every people in Indonesia then thousand-millions of trees will be planted.
I wish this fomentation reminds and realizes us all to the effects of global warming so that our awareness to care for our environment, our forests, would rise up.
That’s all the speech I could convey. Please forgive me for my mistakes on my words. Thank you for the attention.
Wassalamu’alaikum wr.wb